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Good Vampire Diaries Icons

Good The Vampire Diaries Icons
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Welcome to Good Vampire Diaries Icons! this is an elite icon community where the best icon makers will be able to promote their work. This is by invitation only, so if you want to become a member, you must apply first here.

· You must go to this entry to apply.
· Please, read this rules carefully before applying.
· First, introduce yourself with your name and the journal/community where you post your icons.
· If you're not going to post any icons, please do not apply. You can just watch the community if you're only interested in pretty icons.
· If you can't handle rejection and constructive criticism, don't even bother applying. We want the best icons, so we will give you a NO or a YES. If you're rejected, you can apply again after 2-3 weeks, or when you think you have improved. We won't deny to anyone the right to apply.
· Post between 10-15 of your best/recent work of any fandoms. If you can include some icons from the show The Vampire Diaries, it would be the best.
· In the subject, write 'friday night bites', so we know you've read the rules.
· You must be accepted by at least two mods. Once you're accepted, you'll receive an invitation to join the community
· You can check your invitations here.

[x] Once you're accepted here, you can start posting. Make sure you post at least 3, but no more than 6 examples of the work, and the link to the entry.
[!] No friends-only journals/communities. If it's locked, how's people supposed to see your icons?